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A Mini Cabin Tour and Why I LOVE Ships!

I have always found myself drawn to pieces of art portraying ships at sea, particularly the ones sailing in a “happy” sea as opposed to those in turmoil. I recently discovered that my maternal grandmother (Grandma Soffia) always wanted a “ship in every room” of her house. Pretty cool. It completely makes sense for her considering she was transported from Iceland to the landlocked Midwest as a young bride. She literally grew up about a block from the Atlantic Ocean. Is it possible that a little piece of the sea came down through her DNA? Maybe so. My momma tells this little story about ships, the sea and love. <3

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5 Perfectly Totable and Super Fun Outdoor Games

The calendar says that it is officially summer!!! Does your family enjoy playing outdoor games? We had so much fun with a couple of them this past weekend at the lake that I wanted to share our current top 5 with you (in no particular order.) 🙂 These are all small enough to throw in the car when you head to your next reunion or get together with friends. They are also all reasonably priced and readily available at either sporting good or department stores. My husband has always been known as “the entertainment coordinator” in our family. You can be sure he has something packed for fun!

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Create an Attractive Wall Filing System

Does anyone else have one of “those baskets?” You know…the one where you throw all incoming mail, school papers, receipts, etc. Let me show you how I created a great filing system on a wall in my kitchen. This is only for short-term filing….bills needing to be paid, recent receipts, tax info for the next return…you get the idea. Long-term filing goes in file boxes at our house. Honestly, those are quite organized, but I struggle to keep on top of the daily paperwork. Here’s my plan:

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Learning How to Make Homemade Ice Cream

Today was a fun day. I needed to make homemade ice cream for a baseball event, so I called my momma (who the kids call GB…short for Grandma Betty) and asked her if she could teach my daughter and me how to make her go-to recipe for vanilla ice cream. Remember my post about Grammy’s Peanut Buster Ice Cream Dessert? Well, this homemade ice cream recipe that we made today actually came from Grammy’s sister Mildred. (I promise that we do not live on sugar, even though you might think so after reading some of my posts.!)

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Create Simple, Personalized Art With Sentimental Items

How many of you have small, sentimental objects tucked away in drawers or closets? Maybe you have saved your grandfather’s pocket watch, a bowtie from a special occasion, a baby bracelet, your child’s favorite toy….the possibilities are endless. It’s time to pull those out! You can create simple, personalized art that will make you smile each time you glance at it. I mentioned in my last post that I think it is important to fill your home with accessories that are meaningful to you. It is extra special when those accessories tell a story, and I have a story to share with you.

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How to Hide That Ugly Breaker Box in a Beautiful Way

How many of you have a breaker box in an unfortunate place? We have been in our home for 15 years, and I have tried different ways to disguise ours which landed right on a main wall in our basement. I finally found a great solution last year. Our wall has never looked better! Check it out.

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Grammy’s Peanut Buster Ice Cream Dessert

A Labor of Love

I have to be honest. My Grammy did not like spending time in the kitchen. She would be the first one to tell you that. She did, however, hit some home runs! After all, she had a hubby and two hungry boys who really liked to eat. 🙂 This peanut buster ice cream dessert was and still is one of my all-time favorite recipes. My Papa LOVES peanuts (and ice cream and chocolate)….no doubt Grammy picked this for him. Those two have been married 71 years, and they still have that special something. Theirs is a pretty spectacular love story, full of sacrifice and devotion; so this blog post is a little tribute to them.

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Dry Erase Board DIY From an Old Framed Print

YEARS ago, I pinned an image of a DIY dry erase board from Better Homes and Gardens. Also years ago (almost a dozen!), we purchased a cabin on a lake near here that came fully furnished. You would not believe all of the fun, colorful accessories we inherited! One such item was a great big tropical print that no longer works with our cabin decor. But, oh, I had plans for it!!

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4 Fresh Takes on Fruit “Trays” (And a Fantastic Dip Recipe!)

“But the FRUIT of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; against such things there is no law.”
Galatians 5:22-23

I have a major love affair with fruit. One of my favorite breakfasts is a waffle topped with peanut butter and colorful fresh fruit then drizzled with honey until it sparkles a bit. How could anyone doubt the existence of God at that moment? 🙂 I am also the gal who offers to bring the fruit tray to every family event. It’s a crowd favorite, folks, and healthy to boot!

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7 Creatively Simple Ways to Wrap Mom’s Gift with a Gable Box

“Her children rise up and call her blessed…”

Proverbs 31:28

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Our high school always holds our graduation ceremony on this beautiful holiday. One by one the graduates present their mothers with a single flower. I think it is a perfect gesture of love and respect for all that those mommas have done to raise up their children and send them on their way. I don’t think there is a dry eye in the gym at that moment.

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