A Bit About Gifts and Grace

Hello! I am Karen, and I am so tickled that you happened upon my little blog here.  I am just getting restarted,  and I hope we will become friends!

My intention with Gifts and Grace is to inspire you to create extraordinary beauty in the most ordinary of ways….through wrapping a special gift, creating beautiful spaces or cooking delicious recipes to nourish body and soul. We will no doubt be learning together as we go to use the unique gifts that God has given us to bless others; because, that is what this is really all about, folks. We are called to be a blessing to others. By the grace of God, we have been given this day to love those around us and to give them a glimpse into His love in the process.

A Bit About Me

This is my crew. I have been married to Lanny, my college sweetheart, for over 25 years. I am lucky enough to be the momma of Mitch, Nick and Julia. They are my world.

I do the bookkeeping for my hubby’s auto dealership, and I love being a part of our business, but my heart really lies at home creating a place where all feel welcomed and loved.

I enjoy celebrating the seasons and the everyday. I am quite sentimental and am crazy about old photos, old linens and old trucks. I also love newborn babies and puppies, great dancing music, DARK chocolate covered strawberries, and as a 7-year breast cancer SURVIVOR…..I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!

I hope you will come along with me to find the joy in your days. I can’t wait!

Please contact me at karen@giftsandgrace.com. I would love to hear from you. Also make sure that you subscribe to my mailing list!! Let’s connect soon. 🙂