Decorating a Cake With a Paper Towel! (And some other fun ideas)

Let’s talk cake! I LOVE cake! I am all about eating healthy and limiting sugar….BUT….an occasional splurge is heavenly.

I took a cake decorating class in the back recesses of Hobby Lobby YEARS ago. You should see some of the pics of my first attempts. Oh my. Sometime I may just have to pull those out for you! I have had fun learning and experimenting over time. I want to share an awesome secret with you from that class.

A Baseball-Themed Graduation Party

Here it is! My first post!! I have been thinking about and praying about this for OVER A YEAR as I planned for our first guy to leave the nest. It was such a joy to plan his graduation reception that it kept me from focusing too much on the fact that he would soon be living under another roof. Don’t get me wrong…I have had my moments, but he is already almost done with his first year of college and will be home for the summer! Momma can’t wait! I decided it was about time I shared this party with y’all. Maybe you 2018 graduate mommas can pull some last-minute inspiration from it.

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