Fall Home Tour – Papa and GB’s House

My momma (otherwise known as GB for Grandma Betty) taught me to love fall. We love the colors, the smells, the annual trips to the pumpkin patch, the cooler temperatures, the comforting soups and casseroles…everything. We especially love to decorate for the season. You are in for a treat. This is a tour of a home containing loved belongings collected over time and full of stories. My parents are less concerned with current trends and instead concentrate on what rings true to them…warm, darker colors and an eclectic feel. Even though I did not grow up in the house they are in now, it feels like home. So here we go….

First Things First…My Beautiful Parents

Papa and GB

Come on in…..

The side entry. See the little wooden shelf. This is one of my momma’s favorite things to collect…shelves, benches, drawers and other useful items that were made from what people had on hand. Beautiful and functional. She loves the ingenuity shown in these pieces.

Her cozy little kitchen with one of her hand-painted signs.

The feathers in this wreath came from my parent’s yard….dropped by one of the many turkeys that wander in.

My parents owned a business on our farm called Apple Kay’s (a play on the word applique) that manufactured tea towels, pillows and other soft goods featuring my momma’s original designs. This little scarecrow tea towel is one of them!

One of GB’s original drawings that is ready for framing!

Maybe this is why I love garlands! Check out the one I just made here.

Another handmade shelf that was specifically created for a clock.

My parents painted several small areas in their home with a deep green over the past year. They love it!!

Nothing better than mini pumpkins in a wooden bowl.

My momma’s family is from Iceland and Denmark. This is one of the wonderful needlepoint pieces that made the trip over.

The shelves that flank the fireplace are changed out every season. My parents seriously considered painting the brick, but decided that they wanted to keep it as is!

Do you see the tiny Christmas lights tucked into the leaves? They add such a nice glow at night.

These itty bitty acorns were painted by one of my momma’s long-time friends. This would be a great project for the kiddos!

Everyday objects with the right color or texture can become part of your fall display. Notice the orange metal truck and the slice of wood from one of the trees they cut down! Also…check out the ladder that became a bookcase.

Don’t miss the GB blocks!

GB spent a day every fall teaching the fourth graders in our hometown how to make corn husk dolls.

Another Apple Kay’s product

A wonderful set of handmade drawers sit atop a cabinet in the dining room.

This chair is extra special. It is made of thread spools and wooden crates!!! Don’t you love the wonderful fall colors of the quilt? It is also displayed over an old wooden ladder.

These pumpkins are stuffed with a roll of T.P. An easy project!!

Another gorgeous needlework piece from the old country.

Oh, I hope you enjoyed that little tour. I plan to update you on all of the fun things they have going on outside once they pick up their pumpkins. Be sure to stop by momma’s new website: www.gbskitchen.com. She is known for making all of our tummies  happy. I promise she will show you how to make yours happy, too.

Happy fall y’all. More home tours will be coming your way soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list so that you don’t miss ’em. God bless.


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  1. Thank you Karen!

    Papa and I have been married 48 years. What makes our very modest home unique are the special little “treasures” and small inexpensive objects collected over a lifetime and the memories attached to each piece.

    We believe a home should reflect what the people who live there enjoy. I always encouraged our customers to make their house a place that makes your eyes happy and your heart smile.

    Folks, you’re going to love seeing what our girls have done with their homes to reflect the love that lives in them!

    • Karen Carlson

      Yes. All true. So much love poured into your home. Thanks for showing me the way! 🙂

  2. Mary bell

    Loved the tour❤️

  3. Stacy Peterson

    Loved seeing Betty’s home. Gave me ideas. Makes you just want to snuggle in with a cup of hot chocolate! Thanks for sharing ♥️🎃🍁🍃

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