Keep Your Family Informed with This Simple Chalkboard “Calendar”

I have tried a variety of calendar methods at our house, but this chalkboard method seems to be the most effective for us. There was a time when I could keep everything straight in my head without writing our schedule down. Then our kiddos started missing a practice here, an appointment there. MOTHER OF THE YEAR. I went back to using a planner like I had so diligently used in college, which worked when the littles were too small to be in charge of their whereabouts in any way. As the littles got big, they needed to know what was going on in our family….not just their own schedule, but everyone’s. They needed to see the big picture. I posted a typical month-long calendar page on a bulletin board in our mudroom which worked pretty well if they would read it….not sure they usually did.

Then a couple of years ago, a good friend told me about a fun thing she does at her house. She has a small chalkboard on her kitchen counter where she posts the week’s events…..just one week. Every Sunday night she writes something inspirational at the top and then lists the appointments, etc. for each day of the week. It literally takes her minutes, and one week is pretty easy for everyone to digest. She says that her college kid’s friends love it when they come and see that their visit made the chalkboard!

So I stole her idea!

Our chalkboard sits on the wall going up the stairs where everyone sees it daily. I will be totally honest….I am not consistent about doing it. I will go long stretches without keeping it up. My kids, however, love it when it is kept up to date. It helps them remind ME of when they need to be places. It is also fun to snap a photo of it after a special week to look back on someday.

There is nothing beautiful about my handwriting or my little drawings, but who cares? 🙂 I like to use different colors of bistro chalk markers for each family member, but you certainly wouldn’t have to!

So that’s my little idea for this week. How do you keep your family in check? I would love to hear!!!

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Happy Labor Day weekend! God bless!


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  1. Mom

    Love it! Always makes me smile!

  2. Nancy Burgardt

    I love chalk paint and chalk boards. I always have. We used to have a vintage, rustic cabinet that had the original red paint still, but the back wasn’t finished. Because of the way it sat between the great room and the kitchen (think a bit of a room divider) I painted the back in black chalk paint. My kiddos loved drawing on it!!

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