A Fun Gift Wrapping Idea…..Think Outside the “Drink Carrier” Box!

Shhhhh. Don’t tell Miss Hattie. I am completely spoiling her birthday gift right now, but I had SO MUCH FUN putting it together that I just had to share it. (Plus…she is only two, so I am pretty confident that she won’t read this.) 🙂 Her gift all started with a drink carrier box and one CUTE pair of shorts.

Feather shorts

I fell in love with these little babies at Marshall’s the other day. Our great niece Hattie will look so adorable in them! The feathers inspired me to create a darling country-themed gift for her. I love to start with an inspiration piece and go from there, putting a lot of thought into what I am giving. It is just part of my love language. I can picture God doing the same thing for us when He sends us special gifts.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…”

James 1:17

So this is what I found for Hattie….

I bought a cream tank top to go with the shorts, a little stuffed horse, some horse stickers, and “trail” mix. Get it? 🙂 Now to wrap them all up. A drink carrier from a fast-food restaurant had gotten me thinking about how well it would work as a gift box. It turns out that I am so far from the first person to think that. A quick Pinterest search will give you LOTS of different ideas for using them. You could even use some of THESE IDEAS from my post about creative ways to wrap gifts using gable boxes. For today’s gift, I actually ordered a set of 15 drink carrier boxes from Amazon here. The set was only $12.99. Less than $1 each!

drink carrier box

Wrapping it up

I tucked all of the gifts into the drink carrier box with squares of white tissue paper, making sure to fill the bottom of the box with lots of tissue to lift everything up. Then I made some fantastic “feathers” using washi tape. They are ridiculously simple to make…a fun, quick project that you can even teach your kiddos to do! Check out this tutorial I found. I added a little more washi tape to mine to make my feathers wider. Also…I like to use floral wire for these because I like its thickness, and it works great for giving them some shape. Lucky for me…I just happened to have some lying around.

floral wire

washi tape

This washi tape from Hobby Lobby is beautiful. The watercolor look makes me think of painted ponies.

washi tape feather

A pretty “feather”

washi tape feathers

A real feather and a thin leather cord with beads were tied to my two washi tape creations. (Thanks for the supplies from your jewelry-making kit, Julia!)

washi tape tag

I like to keep blank tags on hand. A quick strip of washi tape and a label from my well-loved label maker doctored this one up.

washi tape trim

A little washi tape trim around the bottom took about 5 seconds to do.

The Finished Product

Isn’t this a precious gift? I hope little Hattie will enjoy her goodies as much as I enjoyed picking them out.

Do you enjoy putting together themed gifts for people you love? Tell me all about how you make gifts special! Comment below!

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Happy gifting! God bless!





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  1. As adorable as chubby baby thighs!!

    Not sure if I can put a photo here but I was happy with my Bee-lated birthday gift of a quart of raw honey and a tea towel with bee appliqué. Bee cello and appliquéd gift tag looked pretty “sweet.”

    • Karen Carlson

      Clever!! I wonder who taught me to love creating special gifts. 🙂

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