This post was written Saturday, October 20th, but I was out of town and having trouble sending it!!

Today is the 23rd anniversary of our beautiful October wedding! By now you have probably all figured out how much I love fall, so planning our wedding during my favorite season just made sense. We are off to the pumpkin patch to go through haunted houses, so I am leaving you with a super simple post. I just wanted to show you how I still display a few pieces of memorabilia from our wedding 23 years later. They all sit atop the armoire in our bedroom, so they are literally some of the first things I see each day.

I would say that our marriage has definitely had more ups than downs, but we have survived our share of tough times: a miscarriage, major career disappointments, water damage, surgeries, injuries, cancer and who knows what else. All of those things have made me love my hubby even more. He is my rock. For those of you who are married, it is a choice each day to decide that your marriage is stronger than anything that comes your way. You choose each day to love. Our wedding mementos are just a little physical reminder of that.<3

Good Memories

Wedding display

My little collection of mementos. In the fall, I add the sign that says, “I still fall for you every day.” It completely drives me crazy that they accidentally made every day all one word, but I still love it!


My sister talked me into picking this tiny calendar up at an antique store a few years ago. It always displays October. I added a little heart over our anniversary date at her suggestion. 🙂

Wedding cake topper

Our cake topper sits under a glass cloche. I also display our unity candle and our wedding photo album.

Wedding photo

I actually still love my dress. <3

Do you have special wedding pieces hiding in storage? Get them out….no matter how long it has been! Enjoy them. Remember that special day. It is a gift.

Happy Saturday, everyone. God bless.