Halloween is less than a week away. Today I am sharing the little touches I add to my fall decor for the holiday. For some reason, this is not nearly as easy for me to share as it was to gush over my momma’s and my sister’s. I have a pretty subtle approach to my decor and a fairly warm, neutral palette….greens, blues and coppers. I especially love to decorate this time of the year because of the traditional, earthy colors used.

Before I get started, I thought I would share a little Christian perspective on Halloween. I loved this post from lifeteen.com that answered a lot of questions for me. My main takeaway is that by participating in this holiday, it reminds us that God ALWAYS wins!! To quote the post, “Love triumphs over death, and…evil has no hold on us.” I will take any chance I get to put Satan in his place!!!

My Loves

Family pumpkin patch pic

We were lucky enough to enjoy our annual trip to a pumpkin patch on our wedding anniversary. Our college guy even joined us!

Our Front Porch

Front door mirrror decor

I refreshed my mirror on my front door this year with some new florals and ribbon. I love the way it shines when I pull up to the house.

Front porch display

See how my asparagus fern has turned a lovely golden color.

I am crazy about the layered rug trend. These were both Target finds.

A Few Touches Inside

Halloween entry display

My entry display on my antique buffet. I LOVE my candy corn garland.


The copper penny tile and golden tones in my kitchen were made for fall decorating.

Cake dome full of cookies

Fresh cookies, fresh flowers, fresh lemons and a cute little ghost. Does it get any happier?

Wooden jack-o-lantern

I usually add one or two new pieces each fall. This was this year’s Marshalls purchase. It was the only one they got. Lucky me! 🙂

One of our first Halloween pieces….probably at least 20 years old!

Ceramic jack-o-lantern

Another one of my original pieces. We sold these pumpkins and the Trick or Treat plate at our gift store back in the day!

Pumpkin candy jar

Always filled with our favorite candy pumpkins and trail mix with peanuts and m&ms. By the way, this makes a great hostess gift!

Fun in the Kid’s Space


My kiddos’ trick-or-treat buckets. Mine is the little one at the top. It even has my name written in my young-girl handwriting on the bottom.


Keep them bones clean!!

Well, that’s it for now! I will be sharing some Thanksgiving touches soon, so stay tuned!!!

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Happy Halloween, and God bless!!